Transform Your Basement into Your Own Art Studio

Creative ideas don’t normally flow at will. Most of the time, they come at unexpected places and times. What best way to make sure you express those ideas immediately than to have a studio ready at home apart from your work space?

One of the least used areas in the house is the basement. Contrary to popular belief, closed spaces can now be used as a studio as long as you have an air purifier in place. It’s nice to have a home studio for many reasons such as:

  • You get your own space at home. You are not sharing the space with other artists so you can freely put your tools anywhere. You know everything about the area and you are confident no one will mess with any of your stuff. It is best to let the other family members know in advance that the basement is off limits when you have ongoing work.
  • Maintenance is cheap. Practically, you don’t have to pay rent. The only mandatory expenses you need to shell out for the place is for ventilation, cleaning your floor drain, drain cleaning now and then will be necessary because paint will inevitably go down your drain and the occasional vacuuming will also be needed. You also save a lot from not having to transport your tools to and from your studio. Once the day is over, all you need to do is climb a few steps of stairs and be in the comfort of your cozy living room.
  • You save a lot of time having a studio at home. When you need to redo your work, you just have to hop into the basement. You don’t need to drive anywhere. Late nights aren’t always inconvenient too since your family knows you’re just downstairs. They can bring you meals when you’re pulling all-nighters and it won’t ever feel like a bother.

It is good to personalize your art space. It encourages your creative side and sets you in the mood once you enter. If you have several projects to finish, it is a good motivation to keep your focus.

For set-up, organize everything. List down the areas you might need for work. For instance, have a space for drying your paintings. Have another space for tools storage. And have a space where you can work without distractions, ideally somewhere away from the entrance. If you practice being organized with your work area even at home, you will find that it’s easier to maneuver.

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