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So I have been working on this project now for some months and I am feeling like I am never going to be done with. My parents have asked me to paint a portrait of their yard and the lake that they live on. It would be a perspective from the door of the their house and everything in view from there. They asked if I could do it with either the sunrise or the sunset. Since I am a morning person I chose the sunrise. The view will include their front porch and yard with the fire pit, the dock and boat and of course all the trees and other houses that can be seen from their house.

At first I took many pictures, I would wake up early and head over to their house and snap some pictures just to get some inspiration. It’s good to have different lighting and shadows because each day is different even though I went out at about the same time each day. It helps to get a feel of what the morning looks like, this way I can give them the best picture. After I took pictures I would just go out there in the mornings and get a feel of how I wanted to have the picture set. This was a two week process, there are many things that will be in this picture that I needed to cement in my brain what the landscape looks like. I would study the pictures and make rough drafts on paper just so I could get a feel for the layout.

I have started painting on the canvas now, I have a basic drawing going, I have even started putting color and shades in. I guess the hardest part is that this is for my parents and I am having the hardest time being satisfied with it. I want it to be absolutely perfect and I am so hard on myself that I can’t make the simplest decisions. I keep analyzing everything over and over and seem to not be able to pick what direction I want to go in. I know that no matter what I do they will love it because they are my parents and they will never say that they hate it but I can always tell when they actually truly love something and I want that reaction when I finally give this to them.

I have a good start on it, I have the their lawn area pretty much done and I have the dock, boat and surrounding area half way done and the rest is just a basic sketch at the moment. I am hoping to be done by their anniversary which is in about three months. It should not be a problem under normal circumstances but with the way things are going that may be a deadline I cannot make! I’ll keep you updated,

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