My Trip To Fayetteville


My husband and I decided to take a vacation to Fayetteville, NC. There is a fair amount of fine art in this beautiful city, among other things such as great dining and a fantastic culture. This charming southern city is full of beautiful scenery and people. I do not know why but the people in the southern part of our country are so welcoming, they make you feel like they have known you all their lives.

We arrived at night so we just ordered room service from our hotel and just relaxed so we would be on top of our game for the next week. The next morning after we had showered, eaten breakfast and walked our the door we visited the Crafts Council or Arts Council which sits on Hay St in downtown Fayetteville. Here they showcase pieces from local artists and artists from all over the country. They will take any piece from an artist to showcase in their exhibits, they are a place that encourages everything art. This building was built in the early 1900s and was originally used as the post office. When the Art Council took over in the 1970s they left it as it was to preserve the culture of the past. This is another reason why the Art Council is beneficial to society.

From there we went to the Shirking Musician Studio and Workshop. This is a music studio that is highly rated in the music industry, they also have art that you are able to buy. It is in a adorable old home and has really great pieces of art as really good prices. This is one place where you can find that unknown artist and make their day buy one of their pieces. After that we found a little cafe and had lunch, then my husband was done with the art spots so the rest of the day was spent to things that he wanted to check out, I won’t bore you with that stuff!

The next we rented a car and drove to Wilmington, NC and went to Wrightsville Beach and had a fantastic day on the water. I love swimming in the ocean, nothing beats being outside in the sun all day, it was a little chilly but it was so hot out that it totally felt refreshing. We spent the whole day there on the beach, we had a cooler with us with snacks to eat and beverages to drink. I brought a book to pass some time and he brought his iPod for music. We spent the day sunning, swimming and just having a plain good old time. We ate dinner is a beach front restaurant that was not going to mind that we were stinky from sweat and covered in sand, we got to eat outside and have the most freshest seafood there is.

The rest of the week we spent doing things that we each wanted to do. We would do one thing for me than the next thing was something that he wanted to do. The things that we did that were on my list was visited all things art. This wonderful town has so many little things to see that it would take a book to discuss everything that we did and didn’t get to see. This is one town that thrives in art and music. If you are a lover of one or both, I highly suggest taking a trip here.

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