Art Gallery’s

My greatest dream is to be able to display my work in an art gallery. This is how you know that you have made it in the art world, when you can sell your work to a gallery and have people want to come look at it and buy it. More so than a museum, those are for the artists from long ago, a gallery is for the artists of today. To be displayed in a gallery shows you that you are a artist in demand. People crave your work and want more and more of it. You get to be in a museum in the future because people have craved your work for a long time.

I mentioned before that I sell my work at art fairs, this is a good start. I don’t sell a lot but I do have some repeat customers that come to the fairs to see what I have done. Now, I am not so big headed here to think they only come to see me, i’m sure they come because of other artist and of the whole idea of the fair but it is nice to know that there are people out there who believe in me enough to come back time and time again. There are also some people that have my studio number that will request work and I do that from time to time, no one’s breaking down the door or anything but it’s enough to keep me occupied. I like it better when the customer gives me a vague idea of what they want and let me use my knowledge to bring it to life as opposed to when they are so detailed in their description because then they are never truly happy with it. It will never look exactly how they picture it. It is always better to let the artist decides what will make the picture better.

I haven’t decided if I want to sell my pictures to a commercial market yet, I know that this is the best way to gt my name and work out there but I don’t think that I am ready for all that it will bring. There will many people who will be critical without fully knowing me or my work. I know that that will happen no matter what but you are never prepared enough for it when it happens. They way that I am set up now is that I have few customers coming back again and again. If someone new sees me at a fair or just happens to see my work at a friends house or some where like that and they don’t like it then I will never know and all is good. But going commercial, you are putting yourself out there for the whole world to see and I just don’t think that I am ready for that yet. Maybe when I am more confident in myself and my work then I will think about that, and I know that being in a gallery is the same concept but by then more people will want my work than not.

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