I try to hit up an art museum whenever I have an opportunity. These places are like a candy store to me, I could spend all day in them and that still would not be enough time. Whenever my husband and I go on vacation, I make sure that our schedule allows us to stop at the local art museum. I would like to see every museum in my life but I feel that is an unrealistic goal, so I’m settling for as least the big, major ones. I try to get the small ones in as much as my life allows but that is not always possible.

I would love to work for one but my credentials do not allow that possibility. One would think that being an artist would give you a leg up but I have found out that you need a lot of schooling and degrees to be able to work at museums. They take their work so serious as they should, they have a very important job. The items that museums are able to get their hands on just amaze me. I gather so much inspiration from the art that is there, it’s almost overwhelming. Almost. I bring a notebook with me just for notes on the various artists and work. My favorite artist is George Inness. He was an American artist born in the 1800s. My favorite piece of his is Harvest Moon. You don’t see him often at museums, some will have his work but they will never be a whole display wing with his name. That’s alright because there will never be a display wing at any museum with my name on it!

I cannot explain why his works speaks to me the way it does but I am moved by his pictures. It could be because he was apart of the Tonalist art movement and I love many paintins from that period. The Tonalism art movement started in the last 1800s and it consisted of using dark, neutral hues and tones in the pictures, it gave the paintings a look of a misty atmosphere. It could also be considered moody or shadowy, in my opinion this made the paintings stand out in a way that other paintings did not, it gave the paintings new meanings and feelings. I try to create such paintings however I feel my talents fall short of these other great artists.there are other artist at museums that were part of this art movement but George is my favorite and I wish that he was a more popular artist and more people could experience him in the same way that I do. I guess though that people get different things out of paintings, we could see the same painting and get a different meaning from it, that is also why I love art. It’s the same for artist as well, that we get different interpretations from the same artists. So maybe other people wouldn’t see George Inness in the same light that I do. Who knows?

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