In the Beginning

We all have created art in our lives whether we realize it or not. That is the greatest thing about art. It can be anything. Anything that comes to your mind and you create it, it becomes art. From a masterpiece like David to a simple stick man and his family. It is all art. Anyone can do this, some may be better than others at it but that should never stop any of us from creating art.

Art is universal, when people from one country create something, people from other country’s can enjoy it just the same. We may interpret it different from others but we all will get something out of it. That is the beauty of art. From one piece you can achieve multiple feelings from it. That is one of the many reasons that I love art.

For landscapes I prefer to use a canvas and easel. I take it outside and set it up in front of the place that I have chosen to paint, grab my stool and my tools and I create. I can never finish it in just one day and that is the beauty of landscape, I start off with one idea of what I want but as the days go and I haven’t finished, the idea change because the scene has change. One day it could be sunny, the next cloudy and that makes a difference on what my picture looks likes. Even though I am painting the same scene my picture may look different from the real thing because I let my mood and the weather determine what the picture looks like and since it takes me a couple days to finish, depending on how long I spend each day, sometimes it will take me a week to finish. My picture changes on a daily basis but the end result is always amazing to me.

I have sold some of my pieces at local art fairs when they come to town. Not nearly enough to quit my job and become rich and famous but enough to still encourage to continue going to them. I would much rather sell to an art gallery and have them do the dirty work but until that time comes I am stuck with the art fairs. Not that they are that bad, I will share a booth with a fellow artist to cut down the cost of renting the booth by myself that way we can make more profit. The cost of the booths are not that expensive but I don’t sell my pictures for very much and sharing a booth helps.

Well, that’s all I got for now, please post a comment on what you think, I crave feedback! Thanks



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