Ways of Expanding Your Art Knowledge

Continuous reading There is a lot of literature that deals with art in the market. You can go to the library to find all art books you need. You need a starting point because it is not advisable to start reading a particular subject. Look for a book that offers a broad and general overview without getting into so many details. You need a book that explains things in an informative and exciting way. You can go online for art books because if you are keen on practicing art, you will come across books that will offer excellent guidelines for … Continue reading Ways of Expanding Your Art Knowledge

Transform Your Basement into Your Own Art Studio

Creative ideas don’t normally flow at will. Most of the time, they come at unexpected places and times. What best way to make sure you express those ideas immediately than to have a studio ready at home apart from your work space? One of the least used areas in the house is the basement. Contrary to popular belief, closed spaces can now be used as a studio as long as you have an air purifier in place. It’s nice to have a home studio for many reasons such as: You get your own space at home. You are not sharing … Continue reading Transform Your Basement into Your Own Art Studio

Back in action again

Just wanted to put out a quick post to let you know that we are back and will be adding posts every now and then.  We will be allowing many different individuals make posts about anything related to the art space.  We feel that if we collaborate with many other people then this site will be much more valuable to the end user and on top of that, it will help us supplement our time by allowing others to take the reigns. Stay tuned for a post very soon from our friend Caroline.  She has been in the space for … Continue reading Back in action again

Current Project..

So I am making good progress with my parents painting, the lake portion is done now and all I have left are the trees, houses and the sky across the lake to finish. I am feeling pretty good about it now, like I am on a roll with it. I took a much needed break from it over the 4th of July weekend, I should have taken a break earlier, it was actually a long weekend for me, I didn’t come back to the painting for a whole week. I even tried not to think about. I was most definitely … Continue reading Current Project..

Current Project

So I have been working on this project now for some months and I am feeling like I am never going to be done with. My parents have asked me to paint a portrait of their yard and the lake that they live on. It would be a perspective from the door of the their house and everything in view from there. They asked if I could do it with either the sunrise or the sunset. Since I am a morning person I chose the sunrise. The view will include their front porch and yard with the fire pit, the … Continue reading Current Project

My Trip To Fayetteville

  My husband and I decided to take a vacation to Fayetteville, NC. There is a fair amount of fine art in this beautiful city, among other things such as great dining and a fantastic culture. This charming southern city is full of beautiful scenery and people. I do not know why but the people in the southern part of our country are so welcoming, they make you feel like they have known you all their lives. We arrived at night so we just ordered room service from our hotel and just relaxed so we would be on top of … Continue reading My Trip To Fayetteville

Art Gallery’s

My greatest dream is to be able to display my work in an art gallery. This is how you know that you have made it in the art world, when you can sell your work to a gallery and have people want to come look at it and buy it. More so than a museum, those are for the artists from long ago, a gallery is for the artists of today. To be displayed in a gallery shows you that you are a artist in demand. People crave your work and want more and more of it. You get to … Continue reading Art Gallery’s


I try to hit up an art museum whenever I have an opportunity. These places are like a candy store to me, I could spend all day in them and that still would not be enough time. Whenever my husband and I go on vacation, I make sure that our schedule allows us to stop at the local art museum. I would like to see every museum in my life but I feel that is an unrealistic goal, so I’m settling for as least the big, major ones. I try to get the small ones in as much as my life allows … Continue reading Museums

In the Beginning

We all have created art in our lives whether we realize it or not. That is the greatest thing about art. It can be anything. Anything that comes to your mind and you create it, it becomes art. From a masterpiece like David to a simple stick man and his family. It is all art. Anyone can do this, some may be better than others at it but that should never stop any of us from creating art. Art is universal, when people from one country create something, people from other country’s can enjoy it just the same. We may … Continue reading In the Beginning